Introduction to Fraud Management (Europe Only)

Introduction to Fraud Management is an interactive course, providing delegates with an understanding of the fraud types and fraud modus operandi occurring today from both an issuing and an acquiring perspective. In addition, the course will provide an insight into Europe's fraud prevention tools, programs and best practice.

The course consists of a number of presentations, exercises and case studies where attendees will have the opportunity to discuss fraud issues with members of the Visa fraud management team. 


  • Visa's role
  • Understanding the Visa System and fraud reporting
  • Fraud types and associated prevention technique
  • Card security features and Chip
  • e-Commerce risk and Verified by Visa (VbV)
  • Fraud detection and Real Time Scoring (RTS)
  • Data compromise 
  • Visa fraud systems and compliance programs
  • Emerging threats and the future of fraud

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for any member of staff in your fraud or risk departments - or your investigative team - who requires an understanding of the current fraud types, current modus operandi and basic prevention techniques. In addition, anyone who requires more knowledge of Visa Europe’s tools and systems to help them manage fraud on a day to day business.

Training Objectives:

  • Understand the various fraud types and the techniques used to combat them
  • Interact with other Visa clients and share their knowledge and experience
  • Gain a greater understanding of Visa Europe's fraud management systems and programs
  • Understand the key processes of fraud prevention, detection and investigation
  • Enable staff to become more effective in their roles

Pricing Note

The price for sessions in London does not include the 20% VAT.

Course Details:

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  • English

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PIN Security

Important and required to approve the audits of Visa about the PIN.

- Executive-Information Security, Ecuador

Fraud Prevention for Issuers and Acquirers

Necessary for updating and learning of new techniques, norms and regulations.

- Authorizations Centre Head, Ecuador

Fraud Prevention for Issuers and Acquirers

An opportunity to get to know the topic more in depth and listen to different feedback experiences.

- Risk Manager, Costa Rica