Be a Payments Game Changer

What’s the best way to solve the challenges that arise in your payments business as your business grows and the market evolves?  In this interactive course you will work with fellow team members to solve real-world issues. For example:
Reward Fatigue – the evolution of loyalty and the need to redefine rewards-based credit products
Keeping Premium, Premium – how to keep premium products special when competitors continually copy you.  

Get ready to tackle the most typical, significant, and new dilemmas of the payments industry, from bottom line management to the digital future.  Throughout the two days, you will explore up to seven different scenarios with payments expert, Peter Hall.  Each scenario will represent a real-world situation.  While the scenarios will have a fictional element, they will be rooted in real-world experience. You will have a chance to influence the selection of scenarios.

2-day workshop

Scenarios Offered

  • One-To-Many Moving from a single, standard card to multiple, segmented, value-rich propositions.
  • Make or Buy? Addressing the processing dilemma from in-house to outsource to right-source.
  • Reward Fatigue The evolution of loyalty and the need to redefine rewards-based credit products.
  • Raising your Risk Appetite The strategy and tactics required in targeting higher-risk customers.
  • How to keep premium products special when competitors consistently copy you.
  • Margin Squeeze Restoring profitability in the face of competition, regulation and a changing economy.
  • The Digital Imperative Applying digital ingredients to the product, service, and channel proposition.
  • Data Difference Harness data to gain intimate customer knowledge, and drive precise decisions.
  • Friend or Foe? Tactics to face or embrace new, disruptive payment players such as fintechs and retailers.

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