EMV Liability Shift - Dispute Resolution

Understand the guidelines that both issuers and acquirers can use when handling the chargeback situations that may occur as a result of the October 2015 EMV Liability Shift.  This 30 minute online course discusses the data elements, specific conditions, and reason codes to consider in a legitimate EMV liability shift dispute.  Throughout the course you will have a chance to practice evaluating and responding to real-life scenarios. 

1 course, 30 minutes, 6 month unlimited access after enrollment

Key Topics

  • EMV Liability Shift Overview
  • Implementation for U.S.
  • Key Points for Identifying EMV Liability Shift
  • EMV Liability Shift Reason Codes

Who Should View

  • Chargeback and dispute resolution staff with at least one year of experience, this includes issuers, acquirers and processors.
  • Anyone involved in the production, processes, systems, and services that enable the chip platform.
  • Managers and supervisors who have a working knowledge of chargebacks and want to know more about the EMV Liability Shift.

Course Details:

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  • English
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Dispute Resolution

A workshop in which, through case studies, gives you a very real experience in the resolution of disputes.

- Supervisor, Puerto Rico