Visa Risk Manager - Japanese

Gain a complete understanding of how you can best use Visa Risk Manager (VRM) to your advantage. This interactive online course introduces you to the solution and delivers an overview of key components such as Rule Manager, Case Manager, and the Compromised Account Management System. This course consists of five modules and is available at no charge. Many of the modules in this course include interactive slides with animations, walk through guides, or videos.

Note that this course is in the Japanese language.

1 course with 5 modules, approximately 6 hours total, 6 month unlimited access after enrollment

The eight modules include:

  1. Rule Manager
  2. Case Manager
  3. Account Management
  4. Report Generation
  5. Compromise Account Management System (CAMS) Dashboard

Who Should View

Any personnel involved with the risk management of their client base.

Course Details:

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