Authorization Risk and Customer Service Basics

The authorization process is a critical piece of the risk-management puzzle and the foundation of a successful card issuing or acceptance program. In this module, we will go over the basic authorization message flow, discuss account ranges, message validation and routing. We’ll also talk about response codes and how they are important to all parties in the transaction process. This course is included in the Maximizing the Value of VisaNet bundled course.

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Key Topics:

  • Authorization Systems and Services: We’ll go over the flow of a typical authorization request, how it is processed by the VisaNet Integrated Payment system (VIP), and the authorization decision and transmission back to the merchant.
  • Account Range Management: Learn how account ranges can be segmented and used for product identification, authorization management, and economies in processing.
  • Initial Edits: Learn how Visa validates the account number, places the transaction in its proper grouping based on the merchant type, and responds according to the issuer’s parameters.
  • Routing Tables and Message Routing: To assist in routing authorization messages, Visa uses routing tables. Learn about the table format and delivery, and how authorization messages flow between the acquirer, Visa, and the issuer. We also discuss rejected messages in this section.
  • Understanding Response Codes: In this discussion, you will learn about response codes from both Visa and the issuer, whether a particular code is an approval or decline—or perhaps fraud is suspected—and the difference between a rejected message and a decline.
  • Best Practices: Here we talk about the importance of issuers selecting the appropriate response codes, and acquirers educating their merchants on how to explain the responses correctly to cardholders.

Who Should View

  • Card center managers and staff with at least two years of experience
  • Individuals responsible for authorization services
  • Team members from operations, risk management, or customer service

Course Details:

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  • English
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Maximizing the Value of VisaNet

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Fundamentals of Visa Business

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