Fraud Prevention Strategies for Retail Transactions

Help merchants understand common fraud schemes that can impact their business. This 30 minute online course discusses how merchants, both card present and card not present, can identify and avoid fraud. The course is designed to help merchants better understand common methods of fraud and how to protect themselves.

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Key Topics

Overview provides a high-level description of the way fraudsters operate, including which industries are targeted and what to do at prevent holiday fraud schemes.

  • Card Present Retailers describes common scams that can occur at the merchant location, such as using self-service lanes to avoid detection or contacting their “bank” for an authorization. Learn what card-present merchants can do in these various scenarios.

  • Card Not Present Retailers describes what to look for with online shoppers and how risk tools can be used to combat potential fraud. Additional information is provided to help merchants avoid non-fraud related disputes to prevent them from landing in a chargeback monitoring program.

  • In Summary provides a recap of the main points of the online course and some helpful resource information.

Who Should View

  • Acquirers

  • Processors

  • Processor ISOs

  • Risk Manager

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  • English
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Fraud Prevention for Issuers and Acquirers

An opportunity to get to know the topic more in depth and listen to different feedback experiences.

- Risk Manager, Costa Rica

Fraud Prevention

This has helped me to understand the Visa product holistically and different tools (fraud) available to use. I have also learned some quick wins which I can implement immediately in my role.

- Operations Manager Fraud Detection, Zambia

PIN Security

Important and required to approve the audits of Visa about the PIN.

- Executive-Information Security, Ecuador