Emerging Technologies

See how payWave and Visa Easy Payment Service (VEPS) work and the benefits they offer acquirers, merchants and customers. This 20 minute online course also provides an overview of mobile point-of- sale (mPOS) and how this new technology affects the acquirer business model. This course is included in the Acquirer Business Fundamentals bundled course.

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Key Topics

  • The Way Forward explains how Visa stays on top of trends and new technologies.
  • Visa payWave details how the contactless product works, the equipment requirements and the acquirer benefits.
  • Visa Easy Payment Service (VEPS) walks through how the service works and the acquirer benefits.
  • Mobile as POS (mPOS) describes the differences between mPOS terminals and POS terminals. It also walks through the mPOS transaction flow, the distribution models and the implications for acquirers.

Who Should View

  • Acquirers who want to learn about the latest technologies
  • Team members in product development, mobile technology, emerging technologies, operations Issuers who want to learn about the latest technologies 

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  • English
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