Portfolio Management

This webcast, led by payments industry expert Peter Hall, is all about extracting the full potential from a card portfolio, accepting that profits come from specific behaviors and are not derived equally from all cardholders. It demonstrates that careful use of data can reveal multiple opportunities for better management of the business. The module recognizes the merit of differentiating customer treatment depending on their transacting, revolving and repayment behavior. This course is included in the Card Profitability bundled course.

1 course, 30 minutes, 6-month unlimited access after purchase.

Course topics include the following:

  • The Relative Distribution of Portfolio Profitability
  • Test and Learn Discipline
  • Turning Data into Wisdom
  • Interpreting Cardholder Behavior
  • Applying Tactics to Fit Spend, Revolve and Repayment Patterns

Who Should View

Middle and senior management personnel involved in strategy and business planning, marketing, risk management, systems and operations

Course Details:

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  • English
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