Role of the Acquirer

Understand the key role acquirers play in the Visa payment process. This ten minute online course provides an overview of the payment scheme model, the acquirers’ role in the model process and the partnerships and operations involved in the acquirer business. This course is included in the Acquirer Business Fundamentals bundled course.

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Key Topics

  • The definition of acquiring sets the stage by clearly distinguishing how Visa defines acquiring from the standard industry definition.
  • The payment scheme model explains the roles and responsibilities of the acquirer, issuer, merchant and cardholder in the payment process.
  • Acquirer partnerships describes two important relationships to help acquirers process and sign up clients.
  • Acquirer operations walks through acquirers’ key tasks in the operational flow.
  • Benefits gained highlights to operate a successful business.

Who Should View

  • Acquirers new or relatively new to the business. 
  • Issuers and Visa employees who want a basic understanding of the acquirer business. 

Course Details:

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  • English
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