Strategies for Driving Card Portfolio Growth

Managing the growth of your card program is critical to its success.  This online course bundle addresses the strategies and techniques you should consider as your card portfolio grows.  Payments expert Peter Hall from Intuition International, will guide you through the state of the industry, the importance of metrics, lending, pricing, and how to best manage the customer experience.  He will also discuss marketing and channel management strategies, loyalty and reward programs, as well as how to get more value through partnership marketing.   Peter also shares success stories and best practices.  Much of this content is also available in a two-day workshop

11 courses, 6 month unlimited access after enrollment.

Note:  This course was formerly called Card Program Management – Level 2.

The 11 courses are:

  1. Performance ManagementAssessing where we stand and what we can do better
  2. Partnership Marketing (Co-Branding and Affinity Products)Working together with other organizations to get more value
  3. Driving Credit UsageRealizing how marketing credit cards is different from marketing debit cards
  4. Driving Debit UsageUnderstanding why marketing debit cards is unique
  5. Subprime Lending and Risk Based PricingThe techniques that we need to adopt when you’re targeting riskier customers
  6. Re-engineering the CollateralRewriting the marketing materials with clarity and focus
  7. New Tactics in ProfitabilityRecognizing the nature of markets and the contraction of margins to focus on cost production and revenue increase
  8. Sub-segmentationRecognizing the value of the transactor vs. the revolver and understanding the difference between the two behaviors
  9. Managing the Customer ExperienceUsing different techniques to engage the customer from the very first moment
  10. Loyalty and RetentionThe nature of loyalty and the way that it evolves, plus options for developing loyalty, such as rewards
  11. State of the Industry: The nature of competition and the way in which we need to address cardholders and merchants, with an additional focus on regulation

Who Should View

Middle and senior management personnel involved in strategy and business planning, marketing, risk management, systems, and operations

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