Issuer Risk and Security Essentials

This online series is designed for regional, community or credit union issuer in the United States. It will give fraud and risk managers a high-level view of the threats to the U.S. and how fraudsters continue to change tactics given greater levels of adoption of chip technology for face-to-face transactions. Each of the modules provides in-depth insights into various fraud schemes.  By the end of this series, participants will better understand the schemes that fraudsters are applying, and the tactics to more effectively address those fraud schemes.  

 1 course, 7 sections. Each section is 20-30 minutes in length. 6-month unlimited access after enrollment.

  1. Fraud post EMV in the US – Review of the current state of US fraud rates and threats that continue to increase as more and more adoption of EMV occurs within the US.  We will set up each of the fraud schemes that we will review in later detail.
  2. Card Not Present (CNP) Fraud Migration – Review of the current state of CNP fraud, growth projections, the challenges presented with the continued breaches of both payment card data as well as personally identifiable information (PII), and how to use enhanced data solutions to make better decisions.
  3. Fraud Reporting System – Discover how the Fraud Reporting Systems can support your business and the planned enhancements.
  4. Identity Fraud –Learn how availability of stolen personally identifiable information has affected issuers.  We share best practices to capture and use cardholder authentication methods that do not depend on personally identifiable information.
  5. Testing, Skimming and Force Posting –Learn about account testing or brute force testing, skimming devices at ATMs and AFDs, as well as best practices associated with force-posted transactions into settlement.
  6. How to Use Authorization Data to Manage risk –Explore fields within the authorization message that can be used either independently, or together to more effectively manage risk associated with payment card fraud.
  7. Payment Fraud Disruptions –Learn how ATM Cash outs occur as well as prevention best practices, including Visa’s ongoing communication regarding regular malware threats that face issuers and their ATM networks.

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Regional and Community US Issuer Fraud and Risk Managers 

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PIN Security

Important and required to approve the audits of Visa about the PIN.

- Executive-Information Security, Ecuador

A Look Inside PCI DSS v3.2

A great course that lets you know about the changes of the new version of PCI 3.2. Shows you what you need to bear in mind for your organization according to the standards. Excellent.

- Auditor, Bolivia

Fraud Prevention

This has helped me to understand the Visa product holistically and different tools (fraud) available to use. I have also learned some quick wins which I can implement immediately in my role.

- Operations Manager Fraud Detection, Zambia