Chip Impacts on Other Chargebacks

Learn how to handle disputes for chip transactions with PIN, signature, or no signature, and how to handle EMV PIN disputes.  This 80 minute course discusses the impact of chip on specific chargeback reason codes that apply to all chip transaction disputes regardless of product type or Cardholder Verification Method (CVM).  It also includes activity cases, quizzes, and a mastery challenge to help you practice your skills and assess your knowledge of the material.  We recommend you take this course after you complete the online course .

1 course, 80 minutes, 6 month unlimited access after enrollment

Key Topics

  • Handling disputes for chip transactions with PIN, signature and no signature
  • Chargeback implications for chip and PIN transactions
  • Reason Code 71: Declined Authorization
  • Reason Code 72: No Authorization
  • Reason Code 80: Incorrect Transaction Amount or Account Number
  • Reason Code 57: Fraudulent Multiple Transactions
  • Reason Code 75: Transaction Not Recognized

Who Should View

  • Chargeback and dispute resolution staff with at least one year of experience, this includes issuers, acquirers and processors
  • Anyone involved in the production, processes, systems, and services that enable the chip platform.
  • Managers and supervisors who have a working knowledge of chargebacks and want to know more about the EMV Liability Shift.

Course Details:

  • English
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Dispute Resolution

A workshop in which, through case studies, gives you a very real experience in the resolution of disputes.

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