PCI PIN Security v2 Compliance Training

Get the most up-to-date information on the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Personal Identification Number (PIN) Security Requirements including management of cryptographic keys as well as management of cryptographic devices used in acquiring and processing or routing Interchange PIN based transactions. This 3-day course addresses the complete set of requirements for the secure management, processing and transmission of PIN data in online payment card transaction processing at ATMS and point-of-sale (POS) terminals. You will also receive an in-depth overview of cryptographic key life cycle management, device life cycle management and other PIN related requirements. We will also broadly cover the remote key loading (RKL) process and the different models in use in ATMs as well as in POS terminals.  

3-day workshop

Day One Topics

  • Visa’s PIN Security Program

  • Cryptographic Key architecture and methodologies used in Interchange PIN based transactions

  • Cryptographic Key life cycle management in processing Hosts, ATMs and POS operations

  • Device (ATM, POS and Host Security Module) lifecycle management from receipt to end of life

  • PIN security requirements

  • Key management team selection, training and compliant records and activities

Day Two Topics

  • PCI PIN Security Requirements; “Standard Technical Set” (for Processing operations) covering all 33 controls

Day Three Topics

  • Overview of Remote Key Distribution  (Annex A)

  • Overview of Key Injection Facilities  (Annex B)

  • Threats to Interchange PIN-based Transactions

  • Case Studies

Who Should Attend

•   Staff involved with the implementation, configuration and/or management of PIN entry devices; e.g. ATMs and POS PEDs, and management of Host processing operations.

•   Staff involved with cryptographic key management including key managers, key custodians and key owners. 

•   IT Security, audit and compliance professionals, including Visa PIN Security Assessors responsible for evaluating compliance to Visa PIN security program requirements.  

Course Details:

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  • English

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