Visa Direct: Visa’s Solution to Address the $12.5 Trillion* Funds Disbursements Opportunity

Get up-to-speed on today’s demand for faster “push” payments. This online course focuses on Visa’s solution to address the $12.5 trillion* funds disbursements opportunity in North America. The course discusses market opportunities in North America and various ways Visa Direct can be used. You will also learn how Visa Direct works, enablement basics for push payments, and the ways in which acquirers, processors, and merchants can utilize network connections to build Visa Direct capabilities.

45-minute, online course. Replay of live online event.

Key Topics:

  • What is Push-to-Card and Visa Direct - Introduction to Visa Direct, how it works, and the value proposition

  • Industry Research and Market Opportunity - Insights regarding "push" payments and the market demand in North America

  • Use Cases in Market - Examples of how businesses and consumers use the capabilities of Visa Direct, e.g. ride sharing, lending, and merchant settlement**

  • Visa Direct Enablement - Enablement overview for participants, and ways to utilize network connections to build Visa Direct capabilities

Who Should View

Acquirers, Third-Party Processors, Merchants, Enablement Providers in North America (NA).  Other regions are welcome to view, but the content is most relevant to those in NA.

*Visa and Accenture analysis of existing/syndicated research and public data, September 2017

**Use cases are for illustrative purposes only. Program providers are responsible for their programs and compliance with any applicable laws and regulations  

Course Details:

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  • English
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