Building Crucial Payments Expertise

Have you just started working in payments? Are you a new Visa client? This 3-day course covers the key topics you need to know about our dynamic industry.  You will get an understanding of the top trends in the payments industry as well as how the payment system works. This is a great opportunity to learn about Visa solutions and the best ways to work with Visa. Find out about the latest payment risks and the various ways in which you can minimize them and maximize your revenue.  This course also describes how payments are processed.

If you are a new Visa client or you have just started working in the industry, this is the course for you. The knowledge you will learn on this course will be your launching pad for success, and will give you the core skills you need for any payments job role.  Sign up today and gain a deeper awareness of all aspects of payments and Visa. The class is highly interactive with case studies and group discussions that give you a chance to share ideas and best practices, and turn theory into real world examples.

3-day workshop


Day One

  • About Visa
  • Payment Fundamentals
  • Visa Products
  • Digital Innovation
  • Product Development
  • Product Promotion
  • Card Design

Day Two

  • Processing
  • Transaction Cycle
  • Revenues and Costs in the Cycle
  • Key Risks
  • VisaNet Processing

Day Three

  • Manage Risk Through Authorization
  • Managing Fraud Risk
  • Clear Transactions and Enable Settlement
  • Managing Disputes
  • Visa Charges / OMI
  • Quarterly Operating Certificates
  • Visa Resources

Target audience

Clients new to Visa and staff new to the payments industry. Relevant to all job roles.

Pricing Note

The price for sessions in London does not include the 20% VAT.

Course Details:

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  • English

Upcoming sessions

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Fundamentals of Visa Business

The workshop was well prepared and the instructor is very nice. It helps me to learn what Visa is and how the industry works.

- Business Development Manager, China

Maximizing the Value of VisaNet

Everyone who works in technical department of PC (processing centre) or bank (customer support) should visit this seminar.

- Chief of Administration Department, Russia

Visa First

This is a very useful and necessary workshop and the knowledge must be used in practice.

- Head of Business Development Division, Kazakhstan