Build an Effective Card Portfolio

Are you responsible for building a successful card portfolio?  Get the latest insights and industry guidance from payments expert, Peter Hall from Intuition International.  In this online course bundle you will learn the impact of cards on retail banking and how to set up a card program for long-term success.  You will explore the interdependencies of issuers and acquirers, and how to use technology to achieve the best outcomes.  Peter will also share numerous best practices and success stories from other organizations throughout the world.  From strategy, to positioning, to marketing, to risk management – you will gain a solid understanding of the foundational elements of what it takes to build an effective card business.  This content is also available in a three-day workshop

11 courses, 6 month unlimited access after enrollment.

Note:  This course was formerly called Card Program Management – Level 1.

The 11 online courses included in this bundle are:

  1. The Role and Value of Payments: Where the card business fits in a retail or consumer bank
  2. Cards and Consumer Banking: Available products to offer and how a card adds value
  3. Issuing Fundamentals: How people think about money, where products fit, and 10 steps to a winning proposition
  4. Acquiring Fundamentals: Differences in the value chain between issuing and acquiring and what merchants want
  5. Transaction Life Cycle: How money moves and the relationship between the cardholder, merchant, issuer, acquirer, and the Visa payment network 
  6. The Role of Outsourcing: The functional processes, outsourcing models, challenges, and advantages
  7. Profitability: Primary cost and revenue drivers, how to measure, and manipulating the bottom line 
  8. Credit Risk: The credit risk life cycle, credit scoring, and managing customers while balancing risk with profit
  9. Fraud Risk: Overview of card fraud, strategies to consider based on market conditions, and ways to mitigate risk
  10. Cardholder Communication: Available channels and the marketing life cycle from activation through retention
  11. The Changing Payments Landscape: What’s happening, the players involved, plus using mobile and social media
  12. Summary: A review of the key drivers for success including changing consumer behavior and leveraging information

Who Should View

Middle and senior management personnel involved in strategy and business planning, marketing, risk management, systems, and operations

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