Build Authorization Strategies to Fight Fraud

Obtaining the right balance between fighting fraud and allowing your cardholders to use their cards will give you the differentiation you need to continue growing your portfolio. Allowing good authorizations to go through, while stopping fraudsters in their tracks will give your cardholders the trust they need to make your card their top of wallet. In this two day course you will get a proven methodology to analyze the historic and current fraud trends, and define a base strategy so you can quickly identify new ways the fraudsters are trying to abuse your product. Additionally, we will define the service agreements necessary to work together with the Card Business. You will also learn how to use all the tools available to fight fraud, as well as to design all the layers you need to set to manage your risk in an effective way. Bring your electronic device to class to work on group exercises.

2-day course

Key Topics

Day One

  • Objectives definition
  • Service levels and key indicators development
  • Statistic and trend analysis
  • Channels differentiation and management
  • Fraud vectors definition
  • Fighting fraud with a layered approach
  • Rule development structure, priorities, nomenclature and best practices
  • Strategy development

Day Two

  • Strategy development (continued)
  • Managing monitoring tools
  • Strategy set-up and practice
  • Practical fraud fighting case
  • Account compromise management
  • Reports and continuous improvement

Who Should Attend

Card Program Managers, Fraud Managers, Fraud Analysts, Fraud and Authorization Strategy Developers, Operations Managers, Processors Administrators and all card business staff with an interest in growing a card portfolio securely.

Course Details:

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  • English

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Fraud Prevention for Issuers and Acquirers

Necessary for updating and learning of new techniques, norms and regulations.

- Authorizations Centre Head, Ecuador

Fraud Prevention

This has helped me to understand the Visa product holistically and different tools (fraud) available to use. I have also learned some quick wins which I can implement immediately in my role.

- Operations Manager Fraud Detection, Zambia

PIN Security

Important and required to approve the audits of Visa about the PIN.

- Executive-Information Security, Ecuador