Visa Emergency Services (VES) Application

This comprehensive job aid will help you learn how to use Visa Emergency Services (VES) application which enables issuers and processors to submit emergency card replacements (ECR), and emergency cash disbursement (ECD) requests on behalf of their cardholders. The application also allows users to update, provide decisions and access the life cycle of each request.

The tool provides a quicker and safer digital alternative to traditional phone, fax and email channels. Additionally, it features multilingual capabilities (12 languages) and minimizes touch points between the parties. This translates into faster fulfillment and a better cardholder experience.

1-course, 15 minutes, 6 months unlimited access after enrollment

Key Topics:

Accessing Visa Online Emergency Services Application

  • How to request Visa Online access
  • How to request and access VES application

Emergency Service Request- Common Fields

  • Shared data fields for both ECR & ECD

Emergency Card Replacement- Initiate & Submit Request

  • How to input required data into the ECR form
  • Submission confirmation

Emergency Cash Disbursement- Initiate & Submit Request

  • How to input required data into the ECD form
  • Submission confirmation

Emergency Card & Cash- Initiate & Submit both Requests

  • How to input required data into both ECR & ECD forms
  • Submission confirmation

Emergency Service Request Follow Up- Search & Update

  • How to search for an emergency service request
  • Update and submit an emergency service request

Emergency Service Request Follow Up- Approve & Decline

  • How to provide approval data for each emergency service request
  •  Request more info or decline an emergency service request

Course Details:

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