Fundamentals of Visa Business

Get an introduction to Visa, VisaNet and the overall payment system.  This series of online courses focuses on payment card business fundamentals including credit and debit card revenue and costs, Visa products, and digital solutions. It also covers launching a card program and managing associated credit risks.  Each course in the series is 30-45 minutes in length.  You can also purchase any of the courses individually if you prefer. 

8 course series, 4 hours total, 6 month unlimited access after registration 

The 8 courses include:

  1. Introduction to Visa provides a high level overview of Visa - where it has been and where it is going. It also explains VisaNet - the world’s largest retail electronic payment network. It introduces Visa’s range of products and services, overall payment system, and fraud/risk reduction strategies. It also provides a big picture look at digital solutions.
  2. Revenue and Costs addresses the drivers of profitability and how to influence them in your business. It identifies the main revenue and expenses for each of the five members in the payment cycle and also explains the revenue and costs program for debit and credit cards.
  3. Payment Card Basics covers the fundamentals of the payment card business. It addresses the needs of your customers and how payment cards address those needs. It defines and positions credit and debit cards, details how cards fit with retail banking and describes compelling reasons banks get involved in the card issuing business.
  4. Visa Products explains the features, benefits and target audience for consumer products, prepaid cards, partnership programs, and business and corporate solutions.
  5. Critical Steps to Launch a Card Program provides a big picture look at the environment you will be operating in, your bank’s capability and your retail banking strategy. It guides you through a 4-phase launch plan and emphasizes the importance of planning and project management. It introduces SWOT analysis to evaluate internal and external factors that can impact your new product launch.
  6. Payment Device Design Approval explains the card design and approval process so you can effectively plan your card production. It identifies the key points to consider during the card design phase and the features of the card design approval system.
  7. Managing Credit Risks discusses the risks involved in launching and running a card program. It addresses managing risks related to selecting customers, operating accounts and recovering debts. It also emphasizes the importance of monitoring your financial institution’s risk strategy in the ever-changing market and consumer landscape.
  8. Digital Solutions introduces the new technologies that are shaping the way we shop, pay and get paid globally. It walks through Visa’s roadmap for the future, expanding on the unique solutions that will help our clients, merchants, cardholders, and other partners in the industry transition to digital.

Who Should View

  • Issuers or issuers/acquirers who are new or relatively new to the payment card business.
  • Acquirers and team members who are interested in learning basic information about Visa and the payment card business.
  • Team members from operations, risk management, product development 

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Fundamentals of Visa Business

The workshop was well prepared and the instructor is very nice. It helps me to learn what Visa is and how the industry works.

- Business Development Manager, China

Maximizing the Value of VisaNet

All relevant staff must attend.

- Chargeback Manager, Egypt

Maximizing the Value of VisaNet

The workshop has been very organized, clear and specific, with examples that clearly illustrated the subject.

- Development Analyst, Peru