Scorecard Monitoring and Validation

Learn about the importance of monitoring and tracking scorecards and how to evaluate their performance.  Elina Rodriguez, an expert in the field of scorecard development and implementation, will take you behind the scenes and share sample scorecard monitoring and validation reports, as well as provide tips on how to interpret them. This insight will help you evaluate the performance of your current and future scorecard (tools) for sound practices, data, and methodologies.

1 course, 35 minutes total, 6 month unlimited access after purchase

Key Topics

  1. Scorecard Definition:  What is a scorecard, and how is it used by issuers?
  2. Scorecard Monitoring and Tracking:  Learn about monitoring and tracking, including, timing, focus, and the types of reports that can be generated to evaluate changes in score and characteristic distributions. Reports used to forecast and evaluate portfolio risk will also be presented.
  3. Scorecard Validation:  What is the purpose of scorecard validation, and why is it important?

Who Should View

Middle and senior management personnel involved in strategy and business planning, marketing, risk management, systems and operations

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