Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) Business Process Flows

Learn how the Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) business processes can bring greater efficiency to your organization. This online course provides a more detailed look at the automated business process flows and financial messages involved in Allocation and Collaboration. The course structure allows clients the ability customize the training they receive based on specific dispute processing options:

1. Will you be issuing or acquiring?

2. Do you connect to Visa Resolve Online (VROL) through Real-Time System Interface (RTSI) or User Interface (UI)?

3. Do you plan to send your own dispute financial messages from the client’s host financial system, into VisaNet or submit through Visa Resolve Online (VROL)?

Key Topics

During the course, a Visa expert will walk you through VCR’s two new business process workflows: “allocation” for fraud and authorization issues and “collaboration” for consumer disputes and processing errors, and address:  

  • Acquirer and issuer options

  • Response timelines

  • Processing considerations    

 Who Should View

Issuers, acquirers and processors who require a detailed understanding of the VCR business process flows for VCR: Allocation and Collaboration  

Course Details:

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  • English
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Dispute Resolution

A workshop in which, through case studies, gives you a very real experience in the resolution of disputes.

- Supervisor, Puerto Rico