Credit Risk Management for Existing Accounts

The right tools and strategies helped you acquire the most profitable credit card customers.  Now it’s time to take a look at the power of behavioral scorecards.  These analytical tools can help you better manage risk and attrition through effective account management strategies.  In this online course, Elina Rodriguez, an expert in the field of scorecard development and implementation, shares insights on what you should consider when developing and utilizing behavioral scorecards.

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Key Topics

  1. Key Account Management Activities:  What are the key activities in managing the credit risk and profitability of your credit card portfolio?
  2. Behavioral Scoring:  Learn about the concept of behavioral scoring and how these scoring tools are utilized in various areas of application to manage existing accounts.  The process for scoring accounts will also be presented.
  3. Scorecard Development Considerations:  What is involved in developing a customized or empirically derived behavioral scorecard?  What are important design elements and considerations in order to develop the most effective tool for your portfolio?
  4. Scorecard Development:  What type of information is included in behavioral scorecards? Two example scorecards are provided.
  5. Account Management Applications and Example Strategies:  Learn how to incorporate behavioral scores into your existing account management process – collections, recoveries, credit limit management, authorizations, and account retention.

Who Should View

Middle and senior management personnel involved in strategy and business planning, marketing, risk management, systems and operations

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  • English
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