Understanding Visa Disputes (UVD)

Learn the best ways to handle disputes while providing great customer service to cardholders and merchants.  This introductory three-day workshop provides a foundational understanding of the timelines, touchpoints, and processes associated with disputes.  You will review various real-world dispute situations and the key decisions necessary to achieve proper resolution. This course will also help you understand the four dispute categories: Fraud, Authorizations, Processing Errors, and Consumer Disputes. 

NOTE: While this course will provide a high-level overview of Visa Resolve Online (VROL), it will not cover details such as user interface or technical information about VROL. Back-office personnel that use VROL to handle disputes should instead view the free, 15-course online series called Handling Disputes with Visa Resolve Online (delivered in English).

3-day workshop

Key Topics

Day One Topics:

•What is Visa?

•The Transaction Cycle

•Managing Cardholders and Merchants

•Key Terms and Indicator

•VROL Dispute Questionnaires

•Managing Cardholders and Merchants

•Information Gathering

•SMARTT-Key Fundamentals That Drive Dispute Resolution Success

•Fraud & Authorization Disputes 

•Fraud and Authorization Dispute Processing Flows

•Fraud Category 10 Overview

•Conditions 10-1 through 10-5 Rules and Requirements

•Authorization Category 11 Overview

•Conditions 11-1 through 11-3 Rules and Requirement

Day Two Topics:

•Processing Errors & Consumer Disputes 

•Processing Errors and Consumer Dispute Processing Flows

•Processing Errors Category 12 Overview

•Conditions 12.1 through 12.7 Rules and Requirements

•Consumer Disputes Category 13 Overview

•Conditions 13.1 through 13.9 Rules and Requirements

Day Three Topics:


•Processing Requirements and Time Limits

•Best Practices

•Arbitration Filing Considerations, Procedures, and Technical Penalties

•Compliance Rights and Filing Considerations

•Overview of VROL (This is a high-level overview only.  For details on VROL, view this free online series for more details: Handling Disputes with Visa Resolve Online.)

•Handling In-Flight Transactions

Who Should Attend

Dispute Resolution Managers and Dispute Analysts

Pricing Note

The price for sessions in London does not include the 20% VAT.  

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  • English

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Dispute Resolution

A workshop in which, through case studies, gives you a very real experience in the resolution of disputes.

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