Understanding Visa Dispute Rules: Pre-Arbitration, Arbitration, and Compliance

Strengthen your Arbitration and Compliance expertise.  This online course expands on the specific circumstances under which Arbitration is available to an issuer or acquirer after all dispute resolution actions have been completed. The course also walks-through the Arbitration process including Pre-Arbitration, and discusses best practices for proper Arbitration management. In addition, this course explains how Visa’s legal compliance process works when there is a Visa rule violation, no existing dispute right, and an acquirer or issuer has incurred or will incur a financial loss as a direct result of the violation. Compliance initiation steps, filing procedures and timeframes, and common compliance violations are also cited. This course is included in the bundled online series called Understanding Visa Dispute Rules.

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Key Topics:

Pre-Arbitration Processing Requirements and Time Limits identifies the circumstances when a Pre-Arbitration request is mandatory and when it is optional. Pre-Arbitration processing requirements and timeframes are also discussed.

Pre-Arbitration Best Practices reviews key methods for initiating a Pre-Arbitration request and responding through Visa Resolve Online.

Arbitration Filing Considerations, Procedures, and Technical Penalties highlights some of the general reasons why an issuer or acquirer would file for Arbitration and covers the steps that must be followed when filing an Arbitration case with Visa. Filing and review fees, as well as technical penalties are also discussed.

Compliance Rights and Filing Considerations explains when and how to determine if a compliance right actually exists. 

Filing procedures and timeframes reviews the compliance filing time limits and requirements that must be followed by issuers and acquirers when a compliance right exists.

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Dispute Resolution Managers and Dispute Analysts

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