Understanding Visa Claims Resolution (VCR): Processing Errors and Consumer Disputes

Prepare yourself for the next generation of dispute resolution. This live online course focuses on the reason codes that map to the newly defined Processing Errors and Consumer category conditions. It also walks through the simplified workflow, and explains the dispute rules, requirements, and timeframes.  Throughout this course, you are given the opportunity to work in teams, assess real-world dispute case studies, and determine the key actions necessary to achieve proper resolution. Interact with your instructor and peers live and share your ideas using the online polls, whiteboard, and chat features.

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If you are also interested in the VCR fraud and authorization dispute rules, enroll in this course.

2-day live online session (4 hours each day)

Key Topics Covered:

  • Processing Errors and Consumer Disputes Workflow includes a detailed review of the steps used to process disputes that fall under these two categories, as well as timeframes.

  • Understanding Processing Errors Conditions and Disputes highlights the newly defined VCR category (12) condition classifications and the mapping of the current reason codes:

    • 12.1 – Late Presentment  (Formerly RC 74)

    • 12.2 – Incorrect Transaction Code (Formerly RC 76)

    • 12.3 – Incorrect Currency (Formerly RC 76)

    • 12.4 – Incorrect Account Number (Formerly RC 80)

    • 12.5 – Incorrect Amount (Formerly RC 80)

    • 12.6 – Duplicate Processing/ Paid by Other Means (Formerly RC 82 and 86)

    • 12.7 – Invalid Data (Formerly RC 72)

  • Understanding Consumer Disputes Conditions and Disputes highlights the newly defined VCR category (13) condition classifications and the mapping of the current reason codes:

    • 13.1 – Merchandise/ Services Not Received (Formerly RC 30)

    • 13.2 – Cancelled Recurring  (Formerly RC 41)

    • 13.3 – Not as Described or Defective Merchandise/ Services  (Formerly RC 53)

    • 13.4 – Counterfeit Merchandise (Formerly RC 53)

    • 13.5 - Misrepresentation (Formerly RC 53)

    • 13.6 – Credit Not Processed (Formerly RC 85)

    • 13.7 – Cancelled Merchandise/Services (Formerly RC 85)

    • 13.8 – Original Credit Transaction Not Accepted (Formerly RC 85)

    • 13.9 – Non-Receipt of Cash (Formerly RC 90)

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Dispute Resolution Managers and Dispute Analysts  

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