Acquirer Profitability

Learn about acquirer business drivers, revenues, and expenses. This 20 minute online course also addresses the considerations and challenges that impact acquirer profitability both positively and negatively.  It covers the major revenue and expense drivers as well as the primary risk and challenges acquirers face today. This course is included in the Acquirer Business Fundamentals bundled course.

1 course, 20 minutes total, 6 month unlimited access after purchase

Key Topics

  • Major Revenue Drivers speaks to the ways acquirers make money through merchant pricing, financial revenues, account fees, and complementary services.
  • Major Expense Drivers addresses costs associated with the business including transaction processing, operations, account management, Interchange Reimbursement Fees (IRF), personnel and infrastructure.
  • Main Risks and Challenges details the business risks associated with contingent liabilities, credit issues, information security, fraud and bad debts. It also covers the major challenges faced by acquirers today with industry consolidation, economies of scale and the technological evolution.

Who Should View

  • Acquirers new or relatively new to the business
  • Acquirers who would like a refresher on business drivers, revenues, and expenses
  • Team members in financial management areas, risk management
  • Issuers who want a basic understanding of acquirers’ business drivers, revenues, and expenses. 

Course Details:

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  • English
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