Member Agent Registration - Program Request Management (PRM) Overview (Europe only)

As part of the ongoing integration process, Visa is introducing the Program Request Management (PRM) tool, for member agent registration in Europe. The PRM tool will be replacing the manual member agent registration (ARD) forms.  In this live online course, we will provide an overview of how to use the PRM tool to register new agents, modify and terminate existing agents. You will also see an overview how to review the list of existing agents under your unique Bank Identification number (BID).

We will address questions at the end of the presentation and share additional resources.

1-course, 60 minutes

Key Topics

  • Introduction to the PRM tool
  • How to access the PRM tool
  • Explanation of the different types of user access
  • Adding a new third party agent
  • Modifying an existing registered third party agent
  • Terminating a request for a third party agent
  • Clarification around process for VisaNet processors

 Who Should Attend

Card Scheme Compliance Managers and Analysts, and Operational staff with responsibility for registering Third Party Agents.

Course Details:

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  • English

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Maximizing the Value of VisaNet

The workshop has been very organized, clear and specific, with examples that clearly illustrated the subject.

- Development Analyst, Peru

Maximizing the Value of VisaNet

Everyone who works in technical department of PC (processing centre) or bank (customer support) should visit this seminar.

- Chief of Administration Department, Russia

Visa First

This is a very useful and necessary workshop and the knowledge must be used in practice.

- Head of Business Development Division, Kazakhstan