Acquirer Business Fundamentals

Learn what it takes to run an acquirer business and how to develop a profitable merchant network. This bundle of 9 online courses provides a high level overview of the strategies and key considerations required to be an effective acquirer. This knowledge will help you make better decisions to establish and operate your business.  Each course in the series is 10-35 minutes in length.  You can also purchase the 9 courses individually if you prefer.

9-course bundle, 3 hours total, 6 month unlimited access after purchase.

The 9-course bundle includes:

  1. Role of the Acquirer describes the acquirers’ participation in the Visa payment process. It identifies two important acquirer relationships, walks through acquirer operations and highlights benefits gained from the business.
  2. Acquirer Profitability focuses on business drivers, revenues, expenses and the considerations and challenges that impact profitability both positively and negatively.
  3. Sales and Acquisitions addresses market segmentation, new merchant review and setup. It also explains the ongoing support required for established merchants.
  4. Authorization, Clearing and Settlement offers a quick overview of the transaction process. It details what happens during each transaction phase, the players involved and the processing methods used.
  5. Chargeback Basics for Acquirers defines chargebacks, reviews the chargeback lifecycle, addresses copy requests, identifies best practices for minimizing chargebacks and explains Visa chargeback monitoring tools. It also touches on compliance when chargeback rights do not apply.
  6. Merchant Fraud Prevention identifies the different types of merchant fraud, the indications that it may be happening in your organization and best practices to handle fraud before experiencing significant losses. Fraud types that are explored include bust-out merchants, laundering, telemarketing and Internet scams, skimming attacks, POS terminal tampering and merchant collusion.
  7. Emerging Technologies explains how payWave and Visa Easy Payment Service (VEPS) work and the benefits they offer to acquirers, merchants and customers. It also provides an overview of mobile point-of- sale (mPOS) and how it affects the acquirer business model.
  8. Merchant Monitoring addresses how to monitor new merchants, the types of reports that help spot fraudulent activity and ways to identify and deal with suspicious new merchant activity. It also provides best practices for ongoing merchant monitoring.
  9. Merchant Retention discusses the importance of having a merchant retention strategy. It explains how to measure retention performance by using Key Performance Indicators or KPI’s, and the critical role merchant communication and support play in retaining merchants. 

Who Should View

  • Acquirers new to the business.
  • Acquirers who would like a refresher on basic concepts and strategies behind running their business.
  • Issuers who want a basic understanding of the acquirer business. 

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