Understanding Visa Dispute Rules: Authorization Disputes – Category 11

Want to learn more about Authorization-related dispute rules?  This online course focuses on Authorization Category 11 conditions. The course explains the rules and processing requirements for Card Recovery Bulletin, Declined Authorization, and No Authorization disputes.  This course is included in the bundled online series called Understanding Visa Dispute Rules.

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Key Topics:

Introduction to Authorization Disputes identifies Category 11 Authorization conditions and highlights the general rules for issuers and acquirers.

Condition 11.1 – Card Recovery Bulletin explains the condition 11.1 dispute rules and requirements. It provides a clear definition of the Card Recovery Bulletin and identifies when a condition 11.1 dispute can be initiated. It also walks through the requirements that acquirers must be meet to remedy this type of dispute.

Condition 11.2 – Declined Authorization covers the rules and requirements that apply when a merchant has completed a transaction after an authorization request has been declined.

Condition 11.3 – No Authorization covers dispute rules and requirements that apply when an authorization was required, but not properly obtained.


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Dispute Resolution Managers and Dispute Analysts

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