Handling Disputes with Visa Resolve Online

Visa Resolve Online (VROL) provides additional transaction information so that you can try to resolve the dispute before it gets started. Using VROL in the new dispute process will proactively eliminate invalid disputes and responses. It will apply automated liability assignment, where possible, resulting in a more efficient process.  This bundled online series will show you how to use VROL.

15-course bundle, 4 ½ hours, 6 months unlimited access after enrollment.

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The 15 courses include:

  1. Creating Transaction Inquiries in Visa Resolve Online (VROL) - Create a transaction inquiry and other related inquiries, such as purchase inquiries.
  2. Processing Disputes in Visa Resolve Online (VROL) - Initiate and respond to disputes in Visa Resolve Online using the new dispute process.
  3. Dispute Financials in Visa Resolve Online (VROL) – Understand the generation of dispute financials to adjust liability either by Visa or by the client.
  4. Dispute Pre-Filing in Visa Resolve Online (VROL) – Learn how to use pre-arbitration and pre-compliance to attempt to resolve a dispute without involving Visa.
  5. Dispute Case Filing in Visa Resolve Online (VROL) - See how to file arbitration and or compliance, both of which require Visa to rule on the case.
  6. Processing Adjustments in Visa Resolve Online (VROL) - Shows acquirers how to create an adjustment to debit or credit an issuer.
  7. Processing Collaboration in Visa Resolve Online (VROL) – Describes how to use the inquiry, good faith, Auto-Substantiation Receipt Requests (ASRR), and Card Recovery processes to resolve issues prior to filing a dispute.
  8. Processing Miscellaneous Fees in Visa Resolve Online (VROL) - Create a miscellaneous fee (fee collection or funds disbursement) from an existing case. Learn how to accept or dispute miscellaneous fee transactions.
  9. Processing Exception File Listings in Visa Resolve Online (VROL) - Block “bad” cards by adding them to the Exception File.
  10. Creating Stop Payment Orders in Visa Resolve Online (VROL) - Learn how to add, update, and delete a stop payment order so that Visa will decline recurring transactions for a specific merchant or merchant category.
  11. Initiating History Inquiries in Visa Resolve Online (VROL) - Initiate fraud reporting, exception file, and stop payment history inquiries.
  12. Processing Accounting Entry Memos in Visa Resolve Online (VROL) - Use Accounting Entry Memos to export entries into your general accounting system to track write-offs and cardholder credits.
  13. Queues in Visa Resolve Online (VROL) – Understand some of the most commonly used queues and discusses how to view, sort, and configure queues.
  14. Processing Messages in Visa Resolve Online (VROL) – Use Request Proof for Posting (RPP) messages to ask a question or convey information outside of the dispute process.
  15. Processing Fraud Reports in Visa Resolve Online (VROL) - Create fraud reports to notify Visa of fraudulent activity.

Who Should View Back-office personnel who use Visa Resolve Online (VROL) to handle disputes.

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Dispute Resolution

A workshop in which, through case studies, gives you a very real experience in the resolution of disputes.

- Supervisor, Puerto Rico