ATM Performance Monitoring System

This group of introduction videos represent an overview of the ATM Performance Monitoring System. The purpose of the system is to provide notification of faults and events at ATMs that cause the terminal to go out of service. This  tool is included in the Visa DPS ATM Driving service. The videos herein contain a brief description of the system and the modules that make up the solution. 

Each video segment is approximately 5 minutes in length.

  1. Monitoring: The Monitoring module allows you to monitor normal ATM operations in real-time, including detection and management of problem situations.
  2. IMS: The Incident Management System (IMS) provides a comprehensive view of your terminal incidents.
  3. Dispatch Management: Dispatch Management (Dispatcher) is the workflow and dispatch configuration module. Dispatch maps include a series of actions performed when an alert is received. Workflows are created based on your financial institution’s business rules.
  4. RBAC: is the central repository for organizations, people, users, roles, and permissions. Features include:
    1. Permission management
    2. Layered security administration
    3. Detailed audit information related to user activity and configuration

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Visa DPS clients who manage ATMs.

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