Effective Risk Management for Acquirers (Europe Only)

This two day workshop examines the essential skills and knowledge acquirer risk managers to manage and minimize their fraud and credit risks effectively.

The interactive workshop focuses on the importance of the acquirer risk manager's role in effectively managing the core and hidden risks that acquirers are faced with today, and outlines best practice techniques for managing and controlling the business exposure to loss. If any member of staff in your fraud or risk departments, or your investigative team, requires an understanding of the current fraud types, current modus operandi and basic prevention techniques together with knowledge of Visa Europe's tools and systems to help them manage fraud on a day-to-day business, then you may also like to consider another Visa Business School course; Introduction to fraud.


  • The acquirer business model
  • Understanding acquirer credit and fraud risks
  • e-Commerce
  • Merchant acquisition & Merchant Deposit Monitoring
  • Termination & education
  • Incident management and data compromise
  • Other considerations
  • Fraud monitoring & management information

Who should attend?

This is an acquirer focused program, designed to assist Visa Europe acquirers in managing risk effectively and efficiently. It will appeal to:

  • Managers with credit or fraud loss responsibility within the acquiring business, who wish to consider how other acquirers manage their fraud losses
  • New risk management staff who want to understand wider fraud management options and approaches
  • Managers concerned with optimizing risk control and the customer experience

Training Objectives:

  • Understand critical fraud and credit risk types which impact Visa Europe acquirers
  • Examine different approaches to managing fraud and credit risk as an acquirer
  • Understand “best practice” operational procedures to optimise efficiency
  • Learn how to reduce your operational costs whilst decreasing risk exposure
  • Access the expertise and experience of the Visa Europe risk management team
  • Ensure risk management staff are effective in their roles
  • Gain maximum benefit for your organisation from Visa Europe fraud services & products

Pricing Note

The price for sessions in London does not include the 20% VAT.

Course Details:

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  • English

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