The Role of Outsourcing

Outsourcing various functions of a card or merchant portfolio can offer many advantages to the issuer or acquirer. This webcast outlines the roles, functions, and models of outsourcers and how they relate to back-office processing; and instructor Peter Hall delivers a detailed overview of the financial, functional, and customer-service considerations when considering an outsourcing strategy. This course is included in the Build an Effective Card Portfolio bundled course.

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Key Topics:

  • The Role of an Outsourcer: Learn about a typical outsourcer model; how outsourcing can relieve back-office complexities; and specific functional processes.
  • Question of Outsourcing: This segment goes over the basic elements of deciding whether to outsource—outsourcer modules, challenges to address, and examples of outsourcers and their specialties.
  • Why would you outsource: Here we discuss the strategic approach to outsourcing, traditional reasons, and how those reasons are evolving with new channels, products, and social media
  • Decision-making process: Learn about balancing operations that are more like commodities with functions that are more crucial to the organization; how to differentiate within functional areas; the importance of polices and the execution of those policies; and influences on outsourcing decisions.
  • Advantages: This is a review of what an outsourcer can deliver for your organization.

Who Should View

Middle and senior management personnel involved in strategy and business planning, marketing, risk management, systems, and operations

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