Visa Kick-Start (Europe Only)

Are you involved or responsible for implementing Visa in your company?  Do you want to know more about how to make the most of your partnership with Visa? This 2-day course provides you with a foundational understanding of what it takes to run an efficient and profitable payments business.  If this is your first time launching and issuing cards, this course is for you. It offers the card payment basics that are most vital to successfully developing and promoting card products, maximizing revenue, and minimizing risk.  

Learn how to deliver on all the major functional areas within the payment card management lifecycle; starting with marketing the card to your target audience. Sign up today and gain a deeper awareness of various products and services, important timelines, obligations, and fees that you will need to consider as a new Visa client. The class is highly interactive with case studies and group discussions that give you a chance to share ideas and best practices.

2-day workshop

Key Topics

Day One Topics

  • About Visa
  • Implementation Actions and Considerations
  • The Role of Electronic Payments
  • Visa Core Products
  • Visa Digital Innovation
  • Product Development and Co-creation
  • Promoting Payment Products
  • Card Design
  • The Transaction Cycle
  • Revenues and Costs in the Cycle

Day Two Topics

  • VisaNet Processing
  • Manage Risk through Authorization
  • Manage Fraud Risk
  • Clear Transactions and Enable Settlement
  • Manage Disputes
  • Visa Fees and Online Member Invoice (OMI)
  • Visa Resources
  • Additional Resources

Who Should Attend

New and prospective Visa clients in Europe. Primary focus is on the issuing staff.

Pricing Note

The price for sessions in London does not include the 20% VAT.

Course Details:

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  • English

Upcoming sessions

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Maximizing the Value of VisaNet

The workshop has been very organized, clear and specific, with examples that clearly illustrated the subject.

- Development Analyst, Peru

VisaNet Financial Management

It is a very useful workshop which helped me to understand the whole process and answered my needs in this particular sphere.

- Senior Specialist, Russia

Maximizing the Value of VisaNet

All relevant staff must attend.

- Chargeback Manager, Egypt