Market Factors that Influence the P&L

This webcast, led by payments industry expert Peter Hall, explores the importance of the profit and loss (P&L) statement as a reflection of business performance. It looks at a breakdown of the components and shows the value of not just identifying the key components, but of understanding how and why they change over time. The module gives examples of different P&Ls, giving insights into what to look for and how to manage them better. This course is included in the Card Profitability bundled course.

1 course, 40 minutes, 6-month unlimited access after purchase.

Course topics include the following:

  • Definition and Purpose
  • National vs. Local
  • Relative Merits of Line Items of Cost and Revenue
  • P&L Interpretation Over Time
  • Segmenting within the P&L

Who Should View

Middle and senior management personnel involved in strategy and business planning, marketing, risk management, systems and operations

Course Details:

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  • English
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