Introduction to the Payments Landscape – Virtual

Whether you’re buying a latte, making an online purchase or signing up for a service, you’re constantly interacting with the payments industry. This dynamic industry has come a long way from the days of bartering cows for grain. Although we use the payments infrastructure daily, its inner workings go widely unseen by the average consumer. In this two-day (2.5 hours per day) virtual course, you’ll explore the fundamentals of the payments industry and will learn how transactions are processed, how money is exchanged and how everyone gets paid.

Key topics:

  • History of payments and the payments industry
  • Payment types
  • Payment networks and transaction models
  • Participants outside the four-party model
  • Payment security
  • Payment technologies
  • Authorization
  • Clearing and settlement

Who should attend:

  • This course is beneficial for individuals looking to gain a foundational understanding of the payments industry.

Important notes:

  • All course sessions are listed in Pacific Time (PT). To convert to your time zone, click the clock icon next to the session listing.
  • Daily work will be provided for you to download.
  • Enrollment closes one day prior to the session start date for virtual courses. You will not be able to enroll in a virtual course on the day of the session. 

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Course Details:

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  • English

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Maximizing the Value of VisaNet

The workshop has been very organized, clear and specific, with examples that clearly illustrated the subject.

- Development Analyst, Peru

Visa First

This is a very useful and necessary workshop and the knowledge must be used in practice.

- Head of Business Development Division, Kazakhstan

Fundamentals of Visa Business

The workshop was well prepared and the instructor is very nice. It helps me to learn what Visa is and how the industry works.

- Business Development Manager, China