Processing Messages in Visa Resolve Online (VROL)

Do you need to ask a question or convey information outside of the dispute process? You might be able to use a message. Messages are non-financial transactions that issuers and acquirers can exchange. Visa Resolve Online (VROL) supports the Request Proof of Posting (RPP) Message type. This course describes the message queues, message workflow, and the procedures for processing messages. This course includes questions to review your knowledge as well as practice exercises. This course is included in the Handling Disputes with Visa Resolve Online bundled course.

1-course, 29 minutes, 6 months unlimited access after purchase.

Key Topics

  • Types of Request Proof of Posting (RPP) message queues
  • Behavior of message queues
  • Workflow of message
  • Closing message threads
  • Viewing case details of messages
  • Initiating an RPP message
  • Attaching documents to an RPP message
  • Responding to RPP messages

Who Should View

Back-office personnel who use Visa Resolve Online (VROL) to handle disputes.

Course Details:

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  • English
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A workshop in which, through case studies, gives you a very real experience in the resolution of disputes.

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