Get fresh insights, relevant strategies, and best practices from our Visa instructors and industry experts.  Their decades of practical experience and Visa expertise will help you acquire the knowledge and tools you need to succeed.

Chamseddine Bessaker  -  Director, Risk Services, Visa

Chamseddine Bessaker is a Risk Services Director for Visa in the Middle East and Africa. He works with banks, merchants, government, regulators, and other stakeholders to ensure the payments ecosystem remains secure while helping banks and merchants take full advantage of the benefits of electronic payments. He consults with the Visa Business School on fraud, risk, and disputes management curriculum and courses. Chamseddine has over 12 years of experience in the card business mostly in fraud, dispute resolution, and project management. He is fluent in Arabic, French, Spanish and English. Chamseddine enjoys basketball, jogging, reading, cinema, and documentaries. His favorite joke is: “Chuck Norris has already been to Mars; that’s why there are no signs of life.”

Marta Blasco, Certified Trainer

Marta joined the Visa products and services training team in June 2013. She delivers client training on Authorization and Clearing and Settlement both on WebEx and in the classroom. Marta’s training background comes from the digital industry, with experience on CMS and SEO training following her degree in PR & Advertising and a MA Management and International Marketing. Marta is a qualified TAP (Trainer Assessment Programme) trainer having achieved TAP Certificates in Training Delivery, Training Design & Development and Training Needs Analysis. Marta speaks both Spanish and English. Outside of work, she enjoys London’s cultural offerings and travel.

Anthony (Tony) Carter  - Training Manager, Visa Business School

Tony Carter is a training manager with the Visa Business School and is based in Singapore. He delivers various training programs to clients in Asia Pacific and globally. Tony has worked in the banking, financial services and payments industries for over 20 years, including 10 years in training, learning and development. Tony has practical experience in both the operational and business management aspects of banking and financial services and brings his deep understanding to courses such as Visa First, Maximizing the Value of VisaNet, Understanding Merchant Acceptance, Building Crucial Payments Expertise, and Managing Risk Through Authorization Strategies. Tony also teaches and helped develop the new Defining Digital Payments course. He also brings his expertise and talents to many of our custom training programs. Tony enjoys travel, technology, music, and is currently learning to play the guitar. He is also an accredited career coach.

James Cranfield - Founder, Insight Consultancy

James Cranfield is the founding member of Insight Consultancy. He has an extensive background in profitability modeling, business planning, and the United Kingdom, European, African and Asian bankcard-issuing markets. James has helped over 100 banks and senior executives establish or improve their credit, debit, and prepaid card portfolios. He also developed a diverse range of profitability models for many clients, from store card conversions to interchange forecasting. He also created the unique business simulations that the Visa Business School uses for its Visa Bankcard Management schools, the Visa Global Challenge, and in numerous workshops. James is fluent in Spanish and English and based in Madrid.

Bruce Cundiff - Vice President, Visa Performance Solutions, Visa

As Vice President of the Visa Business and Economic Insights team, Bruce Cundiff is responsible for providing economic and business intelligence, analysis and insights to Visa executives and clients. Bruce’s research focuses on the macroeconomic trends that impact consumer spending, as well as the latest industry trends affecting payments. Bruce has 20 years of payment industry experience, including positions at merchant acquirers, payment software and hardware solution providers, as well as research and consulting organizations focused solely on the payments industry. Bruce holds a B.A. in History and Asian studies from Tufts University and an M.B.A. from the Kenan Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

Melanie Davis - Global Dispute Expert, Visa

Melanie is a global dispute expert with more than 17 years of experience in resolution management and process improvements. Her role is to ensure that dispute rules are current with growing market needs. She is also a seasoned trainer on the strategic use of arbitration and compliance rules and provides regular dispute resolution guidance to Visa clients around the world. Melanie has worked in various aspects of disputes from taking in the requests from cardholders, to managing ATM Acquiring for five banks in the UK and managing a dispute team handling issuing chargebacks. You will see her instructing various dispute workshops and custom courses for the Visa Business School. Melanie enjoys spending time with her family, reading, listening to music, traveling, and baking for friends and family.

Paulo Fedele -  Director, Client Training & Business Development

Paulo Fedele has more than 20 years of experience in sales, product, financial services and customer service. He is currently Director, Client Training & Business Development with the Visa Business School and brings his extensive experience as a Visa product manager and banking sales manager to every course he teaches. He is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, and English, and resides in the Miami area. He currently teaches the new workshop and live online courses about Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) and the new Defining Digital Payments course. He also brings his expertise and talents to many of our custom training programs and fundamental courses like Maximizing the Value of VisaNet and Building Crucial Payments Expertise. You'll also hear his voice on many of the online courses in both Spanish and Portuguese. Paulo enjoys cheering for the Corinthians (soccer), surfing, and all sports. His favorite movies include Jerry Maguire and The Last Samurai.

Steve Fisher - Director, Global Arbitration, Visa

Steve Fisher is currently the Director of global arbitration and compliance at Visa, Inc. He lends his extensive experience in disputes to the Visa Business School for both instructor-led workshops and online courses. In his 18 years with Visa, Steve has managed regional dispute resolution teams, performed and improved client training, developed and aligned numerous dispute rules; and managed dispute metrics. Prior to joining Visa, Steve spent over seven years with both issuing and acquiring organizations. Steve enjoys photography, travel, and movies. His favorite quote is from Roald Dahl, “A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.”

José Foltran  -  Training Manager, Visa Business School

José Foltran is a training manager with the Visa Business School. He is a native Portuguese speaker and fluent in English. José has more than 20 years of experience in the payments industry including 10 years at Visa and 10 years working directly with issuers and processors. He is currently located in Visa do Brasil in São Paulo and teaches courses such as Visa First, Fundamentals of Visa Business, Building Crucial Payments Expertise, Managing Risk Through Authorization Strategies, Financial Reports, Fraud Prevention, and the new Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) dispute courses. He teaches many custom training programs in Brazil and Africa. His former responsibilities in the payments industry included business management, product and marketing management, as well as managing employees. José enjoys motorcycle trips, fictional movies, and enjoying Italian food with red wine, and Japanese food with beer.

Manuel Garibay - Senior Director, Risk Services, Latin America, Visa

Manuel Garibay has 27 years’ experience in the financial services industry in Latin America and the Caribbean, having worked for a wide range of companies, Domestic and Global. Core competencies include Operations, Credit Risk and Fraud Risk Management. For the last 22 years, Manual has been involved in designing the Fraud Managing strategy for diverse products in several Banks. He participated for more than 9 years as a member of the Risk Executives Council for Visa in Latin America. He currently works at Visa Inc. as Sr. Director for Risk LAC, focused on supporting Latin America Region’s clients to optimize their Risk Management strategy.

Natalia Grant-Ross -  Training Manager, Visa Business School

Natalia Grant-Ross is a training manager with the Visa Business School. She is a native Russian speaker and is fluent in English. Natalia has worked for than 20 years with Visa. During this time she worked successfully as a business development manager and also as head of the CENA Operations department. She provided technical support for clients in Central Europe, Egypt, North Africa and the Levant countries. She currently teaches Visa Business School courses such as Visa First, Maximizing the Value of VisaNet, VisaNet Financial Management, and Managing Risk Through Authorization Strategies. She also helped develop and teaches the new Visa Kick-Start course in Europe. She also leads many custom training programs for clients. Natalia enjoys theatre and music (chiefly classical), reading (mainly historical detective stories), and cooking.

Peter Hall  -  Managing Partner, Intuition International Limited

Peter Hall is the Founder and Managing Partner of Intuition International Limited, a payments specialist management consulting and executive training company. Peter is a regular speaker at industry conferences, and serves as an instructor/tutor/host at several Visa events, such as the Visa International Bankcard Management School. Peter has over 30 years of experience in advising banks across the world on the strategic, product development, risk management, profitability and marketing components of all types of consumer payment programs, including debit, credit and prepaid cards. He also shares his payments expertise in numerous online courses and workshops offered through the Visa Business School. Peter started his career at Visa International in 1980 and has also managed issuer/acquirer businesses in Croatia, Switzerland, and Saudi Arabia.

Lori Hodges, Senior Business Leader, Visa Inc.

Lori is currently serving as both a US Risk Services Manager in Visa’s Risk Division where she has been engaged to consult with US Issuers on Risk trends and Fraud management using an analytic approach. Prior to Risk, Lori was engaged to consult with Visa’s largest global merchant clients on specific business opportunities and challenges as well as incubating new product ideas to meet the needs of Visa clients. Prior to Visa, Lori spent over 15 years in the Payments Industry on the processing, Acquirer and Issuer sides of the business. Specific disciplines include Product Strategy, Product Management and Operations.

Muge Karayel, Client Training

Muge worked for Visa Europe’s customer support team for 5 years before joining the training team back in 2013. During her time as a Trainer, Muge looked after the client services induction and delivered client trainings around Europe. In the sessions, Muge likes to keep both trainer and troubleshooter hats on and enjoys explaining concepts based on real scenarios. Outside work, Muge is a keen essayist and awaits the day that she has her own column in a daily paper. Originally, from Turkey, Muge is fluent in Turkish and after 16 years in the UK, she is determined to get the British Accent right sometime very soon.

Natalie Kelly - Vice President, Digital Solutions, Visa

Natalie Kelly has over 19 years of payment industry experience with a primary focus on innovation, digital, emerging technologies, and alternative payment solutions. She is responsible for driving the digitization of payments by consulting with issuers and processors on all aspects of channel development (ecommerce, mobile, in-branch, etc.) and their go-to market strategy. In her tenure at Visa she has held various leadership roles. Natalie will be delivering two presentations at IBMS 2016. She will deliver a presentation on The Evolving Digital Landscape in the General Session and lead a discussion on Connected Card during the Breakout Electives.

Murugesh Krishnan - Leads Risk Team, Visa

Murugesh Krishnan currently leads the risk services team for Visa in Southeast Asia and lends his expertise to the Visa Business School. Murugesh has a wealth of experience helping clients formulate effective risk strategies, policies and operational controls. Prior to his career with Visa, Murugesh focused on authorization and fraud management within the card center of a well-known bank.

Craig Lorenzi - Client Training and Implementation

Craig has been with Visa since November 2003. He started his career in the customer support first line department where he answered a wide range of client queries from different European markets and worked closely with the relationship management team. He also spent a year with the client implementation team where he was responsible for managing client projects. Today, Craig is responsible for designing and delivering client implementation inductions and post induction training – in the classroom, and online. When Craig is not instructing he enjoys keeping fit – cycling, running, and yoga. He loves Indian food, the spicier the better.

Jose Martinez Parra - Certified Trainer

Jose has eight years of experience working in learning and development. Four of those years are with Visa. He holds training certifications with the Chartered Institute for Personal Development (CIPD) and the Training Accreditation Programme (TAP). He is proficient in English, Spanish, and Catalán. Jose primarily trains on authorization as well as clearing and settlement. When he is not working, he participates in beach volleyball competitions, nationally and internationally.

Luis Reza - Risk Management for Latin America & the Caribbean

Luis Reza is a risk manager for Visa in Latin America. He focuses on providing support to issuers and acquirers to equip them with strategies to reduce payment system risk. He also identifies areas of opportunity in the field of fraud prevention, and is a certified instructor in the different trainings and seminars on fraud prevention in Latin America. He previously collaborated as Subdirector of Payments System Risk of the Mexico division for Visa, Inc. Luis is an accomplished risk expert with 18 years of experience in the banking financial sector, including risk management, fraud prevention, and operational areas in several companies. He also participates with different bank associations and bankcard committees in Mexico and Latin America.

Elina Rodriguez  -  Principal, Scoring Solutions, Inc.

Elina Rodriguez is a Principal and co-founder of Scoring Solutions, Inc., a statistical modeling and consulting firm focused on the financial services industry. Elina works closely with her clients to design, develop and implement analytical solutions that enable them to accomplish their business objectives. She has developed and implemented new applicant, behavioral, collection (pre and post charge-off), targeting, and revenue scorecards and segmentation systems for major bank, retail, consumer finance, sales finance, credit union, oil card, telecommunications, energy, and commercial portfolios in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, Asia, Europe, and Australia. Elina is a faculty member at the Visa International Bankcard Management School and teaches the online course, Credit Risk Management for New Accounts.

Cesar Santana -  Electronic Engineer, Visa

Cesar Santana is an Electronic Engineer with experience in the wireless telecommunications sector. He joined the Visa Emerging product team in early 2015 and covers the Latin American and Caribbean region from the Miami office. He also supports the CHIP Migration and Tokenization in the Caribbean region. Cesar is fluent in Spanish and English, and is learning Portuguese. Outside of work, Cesar enjoys learning more about flight gas radio control planes.

Carolyn Sew - Training Manager, Visa Business School

Carolyn Sew is a training manager with the Visa Business School and is based in Singapore. She has diverse international experience in global payments technology, payment card operations and financial services. She started her career in the banking industry with one of the largest card centers in Malaysia. She handled operations and merchant marketing, including recruitment, training and general merchant services. Today she travels throughout Asia Pacific and Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Africa (CEMEA) teaching Visa clients. She teaches for various custom training programs, workshops, online courses, and conferences. She currently teaches courses such as Visa Claims Resolution (VCR), Maximizing the Value of VisaNet, and Building Crucial Payments Expertise.

Jeff Slawsky - Founder and President, J. Slawsky & Associates

Jeff Slawsky is the founder and President of the financial services advisory firm J. Slawsky & Associates, Inc. He spent the first 20 years of his career working in the payments industry for such notable financial institutions as HSBC Bank USA, Bank One and Bank of Boston. Since its founding in 2000, J. Slawsky & Associates Inc. has provided strategic, as well as operational advisory work for financial institutions, payment networks, processing companies, high tech startups and other firms in the credit, debit and merchant acquiring spaces. In addition, Jeff has been a frequent speaker at industry events, as well as a long time instructor at both the Visa Bank Card Business School and The American Bankers Association School of Bank Card Management. He has also authored the book "The Bank Card Business: Today and Tomorrow," published by the American Bankers Association in May of 2003 as well as co-authored the book "Managing a Successful Payments Card Business," published by Gower Publishing (London) in November 2005.

Kevin Thompson - Threat Analyst for FireEye

As a Threat Analyst for FireEye, Kevin Thompson educates FireEye customers and partners on the latest cyber threats to their infrastructure. Before joining FireEye, Kevin worked as a cyber analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency in Washington DC. In that role, Kevin used digital exploitation and all source analysis to educate multiple agencies of the U.S. Government on current and future cyber threats. Kevin's analytic work has been included in Presidential Daily Briefings and became a case study used in multiple training classes. Outside of work, Kevin enjoys playing with his two sons, running, and trying new breweries.

Mark Woelfer - Senior Director, Dispute Processing Products, Visa

Mark Woelfer is a Senior Director within Visa’s Dispute Processing Products team. His team is leading the Visa Claims Resolution changes to continue improving processing and services for Visa’s clients. He has over 16 years of experience in the banking and financial services industry. Mark is well versed in portfolio management, payments, credit and debit product management and dispute processing.

John Yarley - Senior Director, Business Card Products, Visa

John Yarley is a Senior Director for Business Card Products with Visa, Inc. John focuses on large financial institutions regional banks, community banks and credit unions to develop new business payment card programs, refine overall small business product strategies and assess ongoing portfolio performance. John has more than 20 years of bank card product management experience; both issuing and acquiring. John has been focused on the small business banking and payments needs for past 10 years. John will share his insight on the Small Business Overview during the Breakout Electives at IBMS 2016.

Siew Nee Yeo - Director, Risk Services Southeast Asia, Visa

Siew Nee has overall risk responsibility for Visa’s business in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei and Myanmar. In this capacity, she is entrusted to maintain the integrity of the payments ecosystem, which includes client banks, merchants, cardholders and service providers in these markets. In the course of her work, she also interacts closely with regulators and law enforcement agencies to develop security priorities and execute strategies to prevent fraud, enhance user authentication and identify and respond to data breaches. Siew Nee has more than 18 years of card payments experience, where she had held previous positions in sales, operations and risk management during her past tenures with HSBC and Citibank.

Pete Zuercher - Senior Vice President, Global Interchange and Pricing, Visa

Pete Zuercher is Senior Vice President of Global Interchange and Pricing, overseeing Visa’s interchange strategy globally. In his current role, Pete works closely with Visa clients to pursue opportunities to expand acceptance and incent greater usage of Visa payment products. In addition, Pete oversees the development of pricing strategies that support new Visa products and payment initiatives. Pete has been with Visa since 2001. Prior to joining the Interchange group, he worked in Visa’s Product Development and Deployment organization focused on the development of emerging markets and new technologies. Pete received his Master of Business Administration from the University of California, Los Angeles, and his Bachelor of Arts from Columbia University.

Rogerio Cazelato - Training Director, Market Learning, Visa University LAC

Rogerio began his career at Visa in 2014 in the Visa Products organization for GLAC (Greater Latin America and Caribbean Region), based in Miami. As part of that group, Rogerio was responsible for the development of Debit products in the Caribbean region helping issuers to implement and improve the performance of their Debit portfolio. In 2016, he became part of the Consumer Products organization expanding his responsibilities to the entire LAC region, including Brazil and Mexico, providing expertise and support to Visa’s local product team as an expert in Debit and Prepaid products. Rogerio has led LAC’s strategic initiative to introduce and expand contactless payments implementation. Rogerio is originally from São Paulo, Brazil and holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science from Universidade Camilo Castelo Branco and in Business Administration from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie. He is fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish.