Discounts cannot be combined.  You may use only the early bird discount or the group discount for a particular program or event; you may not use both available discounts. Please note that discounts cannot be used if incentives (Value in Kind) are used to cover the course fee.

Virtual Courses

  • Early Bird:  Save 15% on all virtual courses when you register three or more weeks in advance. To receive the discount, you must enter the code Save15 (case sensitive) in your shopping cart before you checkout. This early registration discount applies only to virtual courses, and cannot be combined with other offers.  
  • Group Discount: 5 people for the price of 4. When an organization enrolls 4 people at the regular price, a 5th person can attend at no charge. The five enrollments must be for the same course and session date. You do not have to enter a discount code during checkout. We will apply the discount manually.

*Early Bird Discount and Group Discount are not applicable to on-demand courses, the Visa First workshop, the Visa Global Challenge event; any instructor-led courses held in Brazil, or any of the following instructor-led courses: Edit Package, Effective Arbitration and Compliance, Effective Authorization Management, Effective Clearing and Settlement, Effective Fraud Management for Issuers, Effective Risk management for Acquirers, Fundamentals of Chargebacks, Fundamentals of Transaction Processing, Introduction to Fraud Management, and Visa Kick-Start.

*Please note that discounts cannot be used if incentives (Value in Kind) are applied to the cover the course fee