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Welcome to the learning resources page for Visa Resolve Online (VROL). Here you will find the training you need to become more proficient with disputes, including quick five-minute courses addressing hot topics and best practices. If you have any questions, please email us at

Visa Resolve Online System Interface Webinar - Release 20.1

This live online session gives attendees a chance to have their questions answered about the most recent Visa Resolve Online schema updates.

The sessions below are for release 20.1.

Who Should Participate:

Technical support teams that support Visa Resolve Online changes for host systems.

1 session, 60-minutes

Session dates:
December 3 - 10am PT for North America
December 3 - 9pm PT for AP/CEMEA
December 5 - 7am PT for EU

Note: The session start time is noted in Pacific Time. Please click on the date and time to connect to the respective webinar.

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