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Responding to Disputes Related to COVID-19

Note: Sessions of this virtual course were offered to Visa members around the globe in April 2020. A recording of the session held on April 17, 2020, is available on the course details page.

As a valued Visa member, the replay of this course will be available to you at no additional cost.

As we continue to navigate the evolving impact of COVID-19, it's essential that the payments system remains stable and secure. With the majority of workforces operating remotely, many businesses are facing significant operational challenges, including managing and responding to disputes. In response to the current situation, we've created training to help you address the influx of disputes you may be experiencing.

This 90-minute virtual course addresses the most common dispute scenarios and is intended to help manage day-to-day cardholder and merchant dispute inquiries that may arise given the COVID-19 situation.

During the course, we'll discuss the following topics:

  • Disputes involving cancellations by a cardholder
  • Disputes involving cancellations by a merchant
  • Use of credit/vouchers in lieu of a refund
  • Disputes involving gift card purchases
  • Additional general questions

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For additional resources, please visit the Visa Online COVID-19 page (requires a Visa Online account).

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