Will your team climb to the top this year?

The challenge begins soon. Is your team ready for the climb?

"The challenge is a great learning experience. The insights you gain from the decisions that need to be made in the simulation are invaluable."


Visa Global Challenge 2020

Get ready for an interactive training event like nothing you’ve experienced before. Your challenge: partner with three of your colleagues in a world-wide competition to build the most profitable payments portfolio.

During this 10-week online program, your team will compete against teams from around the globe to see who can build the most successful credit, debit and acquiring portfolio over a five-year period in a simulated marketplace. Each week, your team will spend a few hours reviewing market data, learning new payments skills, and entering decisions into the simulation tracker. A leaderboard will be posted every two weeks so you can see how your team ranks against the competition.

The simulation scenario is especially exciting because it is very similar to today's business climate. Your team will face competition from new players in the market, navigate regulation and fee changes, and make tough decisions surrounding digital wallets, contactless payments, and how to compete with non-card payment solutions.

All materials and the simulation are facilitated in English. At least one member of your team should be fluent in English.

Register your team today:
US$800 per team of four people

Group Discount: Register four or more teams from your organization and enroll an additional team at no extra charge.

Key Topics

Year 1
Product Development

Best-practice techniques and how to use data mining for better business decisions.

Year 2
Card Economics

Cost and revenue drivers and how to manage the variables that impact your profit and loss (P&L).

Year 3
Acquiring and Credit Risk Management

Cardholder segmentation techniques to improve portfolio performance and how to balance risk and revenue opportunities.

Year 4
Marketing Life Cycle

Life cycle marketing and how to move from acquisition to activation and loyalty to maximize cardholder profitability.

Year 5
The Changing Payments Landscape

Payments trends and how to navigate an evolving landscape that includes mobile, digital wallets, and new technologies and stakeholders.

Creating your team — who should participate

  • Middle and senior management personnel involved in strategy and business planning, marketing, risk management, systems and operations
  • Card center staff with a solid knowledge of the card business and managerial responsibility or a specific profitability role
  • New card center, operations or marketing staff with an interest in card programs

“The Visa Global Challenge is a hands-on program that allows you to learn about the cards and portfolio business, from creating your own product to maintaining it and driving its profitability. It’s also a fantastic way to learn more about acquiring and the end-to-end value chain.”



Throughout the challenge, you’ll receive guidance and insight from payments industry experts Peter Hall (Intuition International), James Cranfield (Insight Consultancy) and others in the form of on-demand webcasts, biweekly newsletters and LinkedIn community posts. You’ll also have direct access to instructors via email for assistance with improving your strategy and boosting your team’s performance.

Real-world education and practice for payments professionals

Learn new payment skills.

During this event, you will learn new skills and gather insights from industry experts. We’ll explore how the payments landscape is changing, share risk management best practices to increase your profitability, and provide guidance on card economics and life cycle marketing.

Build better collaboration.

The Visa Global Challenge is a great opportunity to inspire teamwork across different departments and experience levels, and encourage diverse viewpoints in the decision-making process. Throughout the challenge, you’ll learn how to leverage others’ strengths to build your business.

Advance your knowledge.

The online simulation will give you a chance to manage a payments business in a risk-free setting. The challenges you will face are built on real-world situations. The moves your competitors make will impact your decisions and the decisions you make will impact your results.